The OpenSolaris Small Live CD


Sorry, is down. You can find last images on torrents or download last iso from here.

MilaX 0.5 LiveCD (92.76Mb): Genunix
md5sum: 1d611305c8777879a0e02f7ea7b738f5
MilaX 0.5 LiveUSB (104 Mb): Genunix
md5sum: c9fc3c2933c8d860ffad4cf4c5fd7365
Add-ons for current version
SVR4 pkg

IPS pkg
Virtual Images
MilaX 0.5 VirtualBox HD image (157.2 MB): VirtualBox Images
MilaX SPARC LiveCD version 0.3.2 (215 MB): Genunix
md5sum: 410a0406e505ec1a4e93b6f9efbfa8c4
MilaX SPARC 0.3.2 Wanboot image (245 MB):
MilaX SPARC 0.3.2 Wanboot image with VNC (298 MB):
Other Downloads
Old versions on Genunix